Types of Tags

Here are the three main types of acoustic tags and what makes them unique:


  • Freshwater-Focused Tags
    Operating at 307 kHz, HTI’s 795 and 900-Series Acoustic Tags monitor fish presence and track fish survival and behavior in 2D / 3D in high resolution (to 20 cm) and vast ranges (up to 1 kilometer). Simultaneously track hundreds of fish in the same area without tag collision. Remotely access data in real-time or post-processing from anywhere in the world. Need to ID tagged fish out of water? Add the PIT tag option.


  • Marine-Focused Tags
    A scientific breakthrough in fisheries research and acoustic telemetry, the new 80 kHz Acoustic Tags are perfect for tracking aquatic life in marine environments in high resolution (up to 20 cm) across vast ranges (over 1 kilometer). There are several good reasons why 80 kHz is ideal for marine, find out more. And if you need to identify tags out of water, add PIT tag.


  • Predation Detection Acoustic Tags (PDATs)
    Patented in 2015, the Predation Detection Acoustic Tag definitively answers the question of whether or not a tagged fish was consumed. This is a principal question of great importance in survival studies. Learn about the PDAT and how scientists remotely and conclusively answer the predation question.