bass - #wetrackthat HTI Acoustic Telemetry


As the most popular game fish in North America, one might wonder just how many types of bass are there? In short, many. Both freshwater and marine species belong to the “perch-like” fishes, Perciformes. The word “bass” comes from Middle English “bars”, meaning “perch”. Another interesting fact is that they have the same five senses as humans (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste) plus a sixth sense, the lateral line, a series of nerve endings that stretch from gill to tail.

Today, researchers are tracking bass behavior and predatory practices using acoustic telemetry. At HTI, we have tracked several different species including striped bass, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass. Two study examples we find particularly interesting are:

Striped bass response to CO2 in the Tracy Fish Collection Facility Primary Channel

Movement and habitat use of Chinook salmon smolts, Northern pikeminnow, and smallmouth bass near the SR-520 Bridge

From observed behavior to direct measure, fisheries biologists using HTI acoustic tags are able to monitor hundreds of bass at one time, and in real-time. Good things are happening in fisheries research.


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